Basel 2016, Switzerland

GZ BASEL June 15-19

Basel, Switzerland

The Gallery Zero, Barcelona (GZ) invited me to exhibit in its collective art fair.  It was a side line event of ART BASEL.  Artists from all over the world participated in performance, visual, and video arts.  From as far away as the Kingdom of Tonga came Uili Louisi and Satchi and Satchi collection Alexandria Howlownia.  Outstanding performances by Ursula San Cristobal and Eleni Mylona peaked our social interest in gender issues and the Greek tragedy of today. 

My exhibit was interactive inviting the public to participate and use the blank tiles to write their additions to the 3D poetic canvas.  French, English, Spanish and German public members delved into the art of writing their own ideas and at the same time re-arrange the installation to their own design.  The middle tile was constant “I am the Self.” 


“The experiencing of landscape - whether from aesthetic, economic, metaphysical, political, or virtual perspectives -has always been labyrinthine. A labyrinth we have to navigate if we want to know what our relationship with nature is.

Ms. Ruiz-Scarfuto's landscapes created under the wild pines of Valsain, Spain and Helvelyn's Striding Edge, UK are intimate and expansive, inviting endless magnification while, simultaneously, suffusing beyond the frame. Somewhere in this disorientating zooming in and out is the human perspective. The same perspective as impressionism offers, in its least representational manifestation, where everything is subsumed to the human eye, and therefore to individual experience. 

The central role of the human experience is always present, as in the Zen garden-like collocation of terracotta and slate roof tiles on swatches of painted fabric, as objects allowed to interact under patterns of randomness, the happy accidents of Buddhist thinking, which are meaningless without people to witness them.”