SFMOMA: Digital Exhibit

SF MOMA: Digital Exhibit April 6-July 2, 2017

“Ode to Mt. Tam & Gary Snyder”

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show was a series of solo shows that took place from April 6th - July 2nd, which could only be seen and experienced if the viewer was physically present at SFMOMA's public spaces, specifically the areas where visitors did not have to pay the $25 admission fee: the entrance and the lobby of the museum. Visitors could browse to http://sfmoma.show on their mobile devices and, after geolocation verification, see works in the current Unauthorized SFMOMA Show.

At the visitor's fingertips were solo exhibitions happening on a rotating basis, submitted by artists from all around the world for the audience present at SFMOMA's premises. The walls of these virtual exhibitions were the screens of the visitors' devices (smart phones, tablets and computers); mobile, individual, personal and unstable surfaces that could switch to something else in a matter of seconds.

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show was equally dynamic: without an exhibition program planned in advance and totally dependent on the participation of artists and visitors, it showcased a total of 722 solo exhibitions, one at a time. It was totally free of charge and censorship, and regardless of the submitter's physical location. 

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